Liptov is one of the most visited regions in Slovakia.  Liptov has a rich tradition of folklore culture. The annual folklore festival in the village of Východná is the biggest folklore event in Slovakia attracting thousands of visitors from all around Europe.The Liptov region has a number of fine churches. In Svätý Kríž, near to  our village Pavčina Lehota, is a large 'articular' wooden church  one of the largest wooden religious buildings in Europe.Liptov has  many big tourist draws: geo-thermal aquaparks at Bešeňová , Tatralandia ( the biggest in the  central Europe) and Lúčky ( small  Spa in a mountain valley )  or the Demänovská valley with wellknown ski resort Jasna . Also  there  is  Liptovská Mara - reservoir with a natural swimming pool, or  open air  museum in Pribylina ( folk architecture),  Havránok ( celtic architecture) and   picturesque village - VLKOLÍNEC - UNECSO . 

LIPTOV is an area rich in history, its typical folk art and folk architecture.
Lovers of summer and winter outdoor sports here also come into their own. They can be given to both traditional and modern sports activities.
Many guests who have stayed here say that LIPTOV - it is truly heart of Slovakia.
Come and try!